When homeowners start to outgrow their own home there are two typical options, build a home addition or start looking for a new home to move. While moving is not always the most practical option, building and designing your Ft Lauderdale home addition may be the next best option. We’ve added second stories to homes, designed and built man caves, extended patios, converted garages to rooms, built guest houses in back years and the list goes on.

Types of Ft Lauderdale Home Expansions

Family Living Room Additions

Another frequently requested option for family and living room additions are extending the room like a bump out.

A bump-out is simply adding an extra space that is a bit smaller than a full-size family room addition. Adding a bump-outs can extend your home far as 10 to 15 feet from the house.

If you do have space and looking to add or expanding your family room or living room, you’ll likely need at least 5-10 additional feet out an extension.


Bathroom Additions

Build another full or half bathroom to provide guests family members, friends, and other company a bit of extra space and comfort to freshen up. Bathroom additions are one of the best add-ons to a home, especially when you have a growing family. We’ll make sure your bathroom is remodeled to your needs and is suitable for family, friends and other guests.

Bedroom Additions

Expanding your home with another bedroom for an additional guest space, office, storage, nursery or playroom.

Home Kitchen Addition

Expanding your kitchen can help increase the resell value of your home. Kitchen expansions are not just adding new modern appliances, we’re looking at a remodel and design. Extending the width and length of a kitchen, adding in an island or changing the quality of the countertops and cabinets to suit the style of your home.

Garage Additions

Expand your garage to park another car, suv or truck. Whether you use it for parking or not, garage additions can either be converted to a room, used for storage or turned into a man / woman cave.


Adding or expanding a room or areas of a home isn’t exactly much easier than moving. This is an important decision to make and can cost a lot of money. Understand that a portion of your home will be filled with dust, plaster, paint, nails, concrete and other materials. Knowing ahead of time that this will cause some inconvenience is the first step. While dreaming of your Ft Lauderdale home addition, consider the cost and convenience before making a final decision, because you may consider moving after all.

Depending on the location and on the square feet, or acres of land available, the expansion of your home may require permits. Ft Lauderdale home expansions do take time to pull permits if necessary, as well as the planning, design, and development. While our professional and licensed contractors are available to fully inspect and understand the scope of your project. Total Construction of Florida has built:

  • Attic to Room Conversions
  • Custom Man Caves
  • Elevated ceilings
  • Guest Houses
  • Lofts and Loft Extensions
  • Outhouses
  • Pools
  • Second Story Floors
  • Third Story Floors


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