If you’ve just moved to Miami or just don’t know how to tackle your bathroom remodel, you will need a starting point. The best way to create an affective and aesthetic bathroom remodel is by staying true to the real Miami vibe; modern and contemporary.


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#1 – Modern fittings

While the preferred art form changes from time to time, metallic glam is forever. Brassware and copper tones can be subtly seen emerging from between plain tiles, or peaking pipes. The technique to incorporate metallic glam is efficient, effortless and purposeful positioning.

Soft metallic hues incorporated into contemporary waterfall effect taps elevate the ambiance and value.


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#2 – Clean Lines and Geometric Sides

Moving far away from complexity is what the minimalistic vibe brings. Instead of over-zealously adding pattern over pattern, opt for blocks of patterns that do not intertwine while coexisting.

Dabble between arabesque, diamond, or hexagonal tiles in nice neutral and earthy colors, while considering a gloss finish for the walls.


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#3 – Freestanding Tubs

The shape of tubs has evolved from oval to a variety of others, which are more in line with contemporary art. Follow the rule of clean lines and geometric sides and place your tub strategically so that it is the focus.

Opt for a bathtub that will go with your new Miami-toting bathroom; you can choose from rectangles to inverted parallelograms and pedestal tubs.


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#4 – Cordon off Your Shower Area

Increasing the allure and space-perception of your bathroom is a simple process of adding dimensions. One way to do this is to create an enclosed space (or a tiny room) within your bathroom. Enclose your shower area with sheets of glass or try installing the frameless enclosure to take your remodel to the next level.


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#5 – Bathroom Furniture

The first rule of furniture is to begin the entire process by measuring the size of your bathroom and assessing the best size. You can get cabinets installed on the wall or go for vanity units, these free up floor space.

You could also add a plush stool to your vanity unit for an extra vintage look. Deep colored wood is always a smart choice to add cohesiveness and a standout factor.


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#6 – Tap into the World of Taps

For bigger bathrooms, use matte finishes to help add to the space’s cohesiveness without making it seem redundant. A gloss finish in comparison is more suitable for smaller bathrooms; the light reflected allows for the illusion of space.

Bathrooms in Miami should opt for metals that are non-corrosive, the coastline’s air is humid and will promote rusting. Choose from nickel, stainless steel and even un-brushed chrome as metallic finishes are trending in modern and contemporary design.


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#7 – Rainfall and Waterfall Showerheads

Exposed Shower designs have become smarter and more luxurious, which is why you should consider a rainfall or waterfall showerhead for your Miami bathroom. The showerhead is installed directly overhead, instead of the traditional; against a wall. Their design is flatter and larger which helps in simulating the feeling of rain.

For a taste of functional art, look into options of a thermostatic shower. The technology helps maintain water temperature during the bath which keeps you safe from sudden changes in your shower.


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#8 – Lighting for Miami Bathrooms

Use the natural light of this tropical haven by installing windows and skylights if possible. Natural lighting goes well with the neutral tones bolstered by contemporary thought.

Add some task lighting for your vanity area and a little accent lighting. You can choose between interesting geometrically structured metal chandeliers or recessed lighting.

Use warm lights, LEDs prove to be affordable and economical. A power of between 2700K and 3000K will provide the warmest hues.


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#9 – Bathroom Suites (Larger than Average Bathroom Sizes)

Free yourself from the hassle of choosing each individual component by purchasing a bathroom suite. It will consist of a basin, toilet and bath area, and some combinations even feature a vanity unity. This is the best way to instantly design a contemporary Miami bathroom.


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#10 – Energy Efficient Bathroom & Water

A bathroom remodel is the best time to reduce your carbon footprint. Switch your regular light bulbs with LEDs. These save energy and last longer and can be found in warm hues too.

You can also consider installing a thermostatic mixer. This will help regulate the water flow and temperature, maintaining a consistent stream. Look into energy efficient aerators for your faucets as well!

Instead of a gas or electric water heater you can install solar panels and use the famous Miami sun’s power to heat your water.


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#11 – Creating Space by Cutting Corners

Wall Niches

Remaining true to sustainable designs, wall niches are cut into your walls, near your shower or sink. They create shelf space, without the need of any added appendage.

Bathroom Alcoves

You can choose to create alcoves within your bathroom, for your shower area or even the toilet. This creates the perception of space while keeping your bathroom up-to-date with Miami’s artistic touch.


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#12 – Walls and Floors

Since Miami’s climate experiences a tropical monsoon for almost 5 months, some areas are prone to flooding. While hardwood floors are beautiful, they may not be the most suitable choice. Use different tiles for the walls and floor of your bathroom. Contemporary design focuses on shape and often results in combinations of straight and curved lines.

You can tile your floor with scallop-curve or geometric mandala print tiles and couple them with plain tiles in light hues; best to stick with a monochrome palette. Try dark grey, textured tiles for one wall of your bathroom to give it more substance. Or simply choose hexagon or pentagon-shaped tiles.

In terms of color, remain conservative. If you want to switch up from the neutral opt for calming shades of blue such as cyan, turquoise and even indigo; which is 2018’s new black.



#13 – Minimalistic

Although you may have dreamed of king-sized tubs and expensive marble flooring in your Miami bathroom, the popularity of minimalism and sustainable living have brought about smaller bathrooms focusing on efficiency and affordable luxury.

The concept of ‘less is more’ has brought about a renaissance in how we use materials, colors, and shapes to maximize small spaces while achieving an optimal function. Skylights and shades of the ocean are an important must-have in your Miami bathroom!