Making the decision to remodel your home is one the takes time, careful planning, and obviously, the right contractor.  Here at Total Construction of Florida we believe in doing the work, and all of it.  No half-steps, no rushing to try to get things done, we do not miss an appointment or go off schedule, and we definitely always listen intently to our customer’s needs.  It’s something that is hard to achieve this day in age, a pride in quality in one’s work, and a sense of purpose and duty to our customers.  We spearhead any project you may have with the same affection and tenacity that we would be building a custom home from scratch.  No matter the size of the job, allow us to show you what having pride in one’s work truly means.


Outdoors, Indoors, bathrooms, and kitchens. All your remodeling ideas are fully functional with our project planning team attached to them. Having trouble coming up with new ideas? Our design team is one of various backgrounds and styles, giving you the best to choose from in any arena of the house.

Landscaping ideas, kitchen cabinets need refurbishing, or even that half bath “powder room” remodel that you’ve been dying to accomplish this year. Total Construction of Florida has the right personnel with a wide array of options to pick from, giving you the best look at what is possible for your home in the budget you need it done in. Let’s come together to make a decision on that island countertop in the kitchen over the summer, or the installation of the victorian style tub for the master bath upstairs.

Any and every option is a possibility with our team by your side, don’t hesitate to call to talk about what you were thinking. We can come out to your home with our project planning and design team, and then talk about maybe what we’re thinking as well! Our planning is always a fully transparent and all inclusive process that we want you to not just be comfortable with, but love and enjoy your remodel for years to come.



This question is asked a lot of us, so allow us to clear the air on the differences. Simply put, a renovation is to repair or restore something that is already “there”, basically revitalizing it or bringing it back to life. For example, your garage is leaking, the door is broken, and you just wish you could knock it off the side of the house altogether because of the gash it is causing in aesthetics, and for some reason, it has a weird smell. The garage is almost too far gone, but with our help, our team can RENOVATE and revitalize that end of your home, fixing up the garage door and leak, restructuring the old wood that has been getting wet and starting to mold, causing a smell to come through the house.

We would renovate the entire garage, bringing it back to life, and making your home feel whole again. On the other hand, remodeingl is a bit different. Simply put again, a remodel is when you change or customize the entire form or structure of something, building it into something completely different, or adding on to.

For example, once the renovation is finished with that garage, you are unhappy with mud room functionality as the workers were walking indoors from the outside. You noticed they had a hard time maneuvering in the space if there were more than two people trying to walk in at the same time. You’ve decided to take the wall out that was separating the mudroom and the storage closet to create a bigger space in the area, giving you and your guests more room to move around bring the functionality up by changing the structure of the room entirely.

Still confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to help clarify it. If you have any questions you can always call and ask us anything. We are here everyday of the week to answer any question you may have.




We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


We’ll come out on-site to provide and accurate assessment of work.


It’s not uncommon to want to update and remodel your Florida home. Take a look at our remodeling progress in these pictures!  Our team is dedicated to complete every project for our clients. It’s nice to be able to show them off once in awhile!  If you have a home within Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or the Florida Keys, give us a call today!


Do not let costly quotes and other contractors scare you with massive numbers like it is some sort of sales pitch. Your home is important to us, but so is your wallet.

The cost to remodel a home in Florida is normally always based around size, the quality of products/materials, and the amount of work you’d like done. To get a full estimate of cost, do not be afraid to call or email us today. Get a quote, and we can go from there. Our goal is to work for you.



Are you currently in the market to remodel your luxury home in South Florida?

Luxury home remodels are the perfect way to breath life back into your castle. With Total Construction of Florida, we’re confident that our team of experts can bring your vision of glamour to life right to the comfort of your own home.

We specialize in luxury home remodels such as:
● Marble flooring and countertops
● Extensive counter space
● Installation of smart appliances
● Steam showers feature body jets
● High-end plumbing fixtures
● Theater rooms or workout facility installation
● Induction of smart home technology systems
● Master closets with islands


Family rooms are supposed to be the space in your house you feel the most comfortable in. If you do not feel warm or happy inside when spending time in the family living space, you may want to think about changing it around.

It’s time you felt AT HOME in your own home. Do not let a dividing wall put a damper on the feel of your house. That fireplace is in the right place, but the style is all wrong, letting it get to you every winter is not ok. It’s time to put your feet down, and then up, as you watch us remodel until we drop!

You envision it, and Total Construction of Florida will bring it to life. Bye-bye wall separating the kitchen and family room, hello open spaces to talk and enjoy your family and friends as you get together to cook and be happy, especially with the new fireplace you had us put in in the spring time that you’ve been dying to show off. If it’s any place in the house to show off, try to make it the room that your in the most!



Without zoning laws and pre existing permits that have to be acquired, home office remodeling is a thing of ease and speed. No worries about dealing with the city on this one, we can get right in and right to work with no problem. Expanding and designing your new office remodel is something we would be excited and efficient in working with you on.

Our customers do not have to be a massive commercial company expanding office space to create more room for their employees, it could be something as simple as taking out a separating wall in your home office and creating more natural light to create a more homey feeling while getting your work done. We will treat you with the same respect and importance as any other project, and we would be happy to design any build you may have in store.


Outdoors are something we are not unfamiliar with. As a matter of fact, we love the outdoors!

Constructing things in this heat may be a bother to some, but we find a sort of passion for doing the work that others shy away from. We are excited to offer additions, remodels, and renovations to your sunrooms, patios, and porches.

We build custom decks with skilled builders familiar with all the different materials on the market. When it comes to your outdoors, not only will it increase the value of your home by adding on or remodeling existing fixtures, but it will also add that beautiful touch to your house that you envious neighbors will die to experience. Let us help you be the talk of the neighborhood, give us a call today.