Throughout South Florida, we have redesigned, renovated and remodeled bathrooms. While each homeowner has a different vision for their bathrooms(s), we’re here to work on newly designed Fort Lauderdale bathroom remodeling specifications. We can customize and build out any style bathroom with the fixtures of your choice. Once we lay out the structure and foundation within the allotted space, we’re then able to provide everything from a simple bathtub replacement to jacuzzi tubs, glass showers, waterfall shower heads, floating sinks, and any other final touches to meet your needs.


Some homeowners have their entire bathroom planned out before we get a chance to speak to them. Other homeowners may need a bit more help in figuring out what type of finishes they can apply to their newly designed bathroom remodel. Where ever you are in the process, we can break down the types of bathroom finishes you want to make sure fits within your budget and style. For those who love to plan ahead to get an idea of what you’d like to start shopping for, start looking at:

  • Bathtub Fixtures
  • Bathtubs
  • Bidets
  • Counter Tops
  • Flooring
  • Shower Heads
  • Sink Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Wall Tiles

Bathroom Fixtures

The smallest details to add on are bathroom fixtures. Bathroom fixtures help add that class, clean or luxury look to your bathroom. While fixtures can complement the style and feel of the bathroom, they also vary in price ranges.

Tile Flooring or Walls

Improve the look of your bathroom by replacing old out date or broken tiles with new tiles that suit the look and feel you crave. Our designers can help match the colors and texture you’re seeking to make sure everything flows together within your home.

Shower installations

There are numerous options for showers that can add that extra flair to your bathroom. With a tub and shower combination or a full standing glass door, we can customize any type of shower for your home giving it that modern, contemporary, traditional or completely unique style. Selecting your shower heads would be a task of its own.


Replacing an old outdated bathtub or just looking to simply revamp the look, there are numerous styles, colors, functions, and textures available. There are a variety of tubs and materials that will factor into the overall cost. Types of tubs are Alcove, Shower Tub Combination, Drop-in Bathtubs, Corner Bathtubs, and Walk-in Bathtubs.

Bathroom Countertops

Changing the look of your bathroom can be as simple as replacing your old bathroom countertop. Finding a durable, long last countertop is part of selecting a countertop. Then we still have the texture and style to consider. Choosing the right countertop means understanding the benefits of different materials, knowing your budget and selecting a look that complements your bathroom’s overall style. 

Frameless Showers

Frameless showers are the most common for shower enclosures. A coating can be placed on the glass where it will protect it from water stains. Types of glass used for showers are either tempered or laminated. The thickness of glass for your shower is also another factor to consider. The appearance of glass for showers can range from frosted, patterned, colored or cast glass.


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